Our Team


Our multidisciplinary team of researchers works in partnership with national and international scientists and clinicians to discover and create new and improved ways to fight cancer.

Frangioni,JohnJohn V. Frangioni – Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Frangioni is an internationally renowned expert in molecular imaging. At Curadel, he is leading efforts focused on the development of novel medical devices and disease-specific contrast agents for the detection and treatment of cancer. Dr. Frangioni is the inventor of the FLARE® and mini-FLARE® intraoperative near-infrared fluorescence imaging systems. Capable of real-time image processing and using invisible light, these systems have the potential of becoming an invaluable tool for finding tumors, blood vessels, nodes, and nerves during surgery. In order to fully realize the utility of FLARE® technologies, Dr. Frangioni’s team is also developing numerous cancer- and disease-specific contrast agents. FLARE® imaging systems have been evaluated around the world, in a multitude of clinical trials, for use in treating breast, colorectal, vulvar, ovarian, gastric and many other types of cancer. In fact, FLARE® imaging systems are currently being evaluated for use in six countries on four continents.

More information about Dr. Frangioni can be found at this page.


IMG_0005Ian Balbresky – Mechanical Design Engineer 
Ian Balbresky came to Curadel with a background in designing automation systems; a bachelor’s from RIT for mechanical engineering; and minors in Japanese language/culture and bioengineering. He is looking forward to the impact Curadel will have for so many people. When not working to interface the electromechanical systems and ensure the structural integrity and feasibility of his designs, Ian enjoys building computers, cooking, hiking, bowling and snowboarding.

CaroBell,Carolynlyn Bell – Project Manager
Carolyn Bell acts as the Project Manager for Curadel. Before joining Curadel, Carolyn studied English and Literature at Fitchburg State University, and has over ten years of Office and Inventory Management background. Carolyn is excited to have a hand in Curadel’s mission to alleviate cancer suffering and enjoys reading and writing, and finds joy in helping others.

Bogdan,RuxandraRuxandra Bogdan – Administrative Accountant
Ruxandra Bogdan has been working as the Administrative Accountant at Curadel since the doors opened in 2014. Prior to that she worked at Brae Burn Country Club in West Newton, MA for four years in the position of Accounts Payable Bookkeeper as well as nine years at Brockway-Smith Co in Andover, MA as an AP/AR Bookkeeper. She became interested in Political Science in High School, and went on to major in Accounting at the University of Economics in Bucharest, Romania.

Bordo,-MarkMark W. Bordo – Laboratory Manager
Mark Bordo began his career after graduating as an Alden Scholar at Allegheny College, where he received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry with a split minor focus in physics and studio art. His undergraduate research thesis examined the unique optical properties of nematic liquid crystals, which included an international collaboration with the Hungarian Academy of the Sciences under a NSF-IRES grant. Prior to joining Curadel, Mr. Bordo worked for three years in the Center for Molecular Imaging at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center at Harvard Medical School. Mark has been with Curadel since the doors opened in June 2014, where he works to bring a new level of detection to the field of molecular imaging.

Lewis,JerryJerome M. Lewis – Process Chemist
Jerome has over 35 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry in various positions including Senior Vice President of Scientific Operations and AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc.. He has served for 10 years as an expert for the US Pharmacopeia. He has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and an MBA. Jerome is married with 2 children and enjoys skiing.